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Cheers and Jeers is a weekday post from the great state of Maine.
Cheers and Jeers: Rum and Coke FRIDAY!
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Who won the week?

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Who won the week?

The House, for passing a bill banning the sale of assault weapons
2 2%
24 votes
Karma, as the right-wing propaganda network staffed by MAGA idiots known as OAN disappears from cable as the last carrier it was on (Verizon) pulls the plug
1 1%
12 votes
President Biden: kick-ass jobs report; median gas price now $3.99/gal.; nails al Qaeda leader and bin Laden's BFF al-Zawahiri; reunites 400 children who were separated from their parents under Trump
256 votes
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, for knocking China down a peg by becoming the highest U.S. elected official to visit Taiwan in 25 years
3 3%
37 votes
Jon Stewart and Senate Democrats, for shaming Republicans into passing legislation increasing aid for veterans affected by toxic burn pits in combat zones
125 votes
Federal Judge Amit Mehta, for laughing at Trump's claim of "absolute immunity" and allowing lawsuits brought by police officers injured in the Jan. 6 riot to proceed
2 2%
21 votes
Kansas voters, for turning out in huge numbers to approve (59-41) a measure keeping abortion rights enshrined in the state constitution
718 votes
General Michael Langley, who becomes the Marine Corps' first Black 4-star general
5 votes
Finland and Sweden, as the Senate approves their application to join NATO
1 1%
14 votes
AG Merrick Garland, for announcing DOJ charges against corrupt police officers involved in the search warrant that led to the killing of Breonna Taylor
2 2%
25 votes