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Minnesota achieves the near impossible: 95 percent of residents insured

Three very loud cheers for the state of Minnesota, which not only embraced Obamacare, but has really overachieved, gaining the highest rate of insurance among residents in history.
About 180,500 Minnesotans gained health insurance from last September to this May, with the vast majority getting coverage through one of the state’s public health programs, a report from the University of Minnesota found.

That left just 4.9 percent of all Minnesotans lacking health coverage on May 1, about a month after the federal health law’s first major sign-up deadline. That’s down from 8.9 percent last Sept. 30.

“A change in the uninsurance rate like this is pretty much unprecedented in Minnesota,” said Julie Sonier of the university’s State Health Access Data Assistance Center and a co-author of the report. […]

“People haven’t enrolled in such large numbers before in such a short period of time, so there was something else going on during the open enrollment period,” Sonier said. “Whether it was awareness of the individual mandate or far more intensive, effective outreach ... something really got these people in the door where other attempts to do so had not been successful.”

That's a 40 percent drop in uninsurance, by the way. Massachusetts—which passed Romneycare in 2007—is the only state in the country with a higher insurance rate. Whatever you did, Minnesota, figure it out so the rest of the states can do it next fall. Of course, a very big difference for this state was that it took the Medicaid expansion, and the largest percentage of newly insured is in one of the public programs funded by the program.