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WE Can Defeat Cantor TODAY

Today I voted for a Republican.  I just got back from my polling station here in the 7th Congressional District in Virginia, having voted for David Brat.  

In his politics, David Brat is worse than Eric Cantor, but I strongly believe that the future is in demonstrating to the electorate just how crazy the Teahaddists are, and that is why I voted for him.  It wouldn't affect the balance of votes in Washington if Brat or Cantor were in that job; Cantor is unilaterally opposed to compromising with Democrats, and Brat would be no different. The difference would be that Brat would wield almost no power, while Cantor will wield a lot.  BTW: Cantor intends to run for President some day soon.  Defeating him today will wound him deeply and may prevent him from becoming a credible candidate for that.

There is only one contest on the ballot, Cantor vs. Brat.  If Democrats were to vote in serious numbers for Brat, Cantor would be defeated today.  

In 2012, Cantor got 619 votes at my precinct and Dem. Wayne Powell received 306. Today in 2014 at roughly 2:30 PM I was the 158th person to vote at my precinct. It would not take a very large percentage of the Powell voters to vote as I did today to swing this election.

We have been getting MANY calls from the Cantor camp to get out and vote.  So many that I am very certain it is being counterproductive for them.  They do not know if I am for Cantor or Brat, and yet they have called us 4 times in the last two days to remind us that today is election day and to please vote for Cantor.  They should know by now that I am a Democrat, but still they call.  This means they are also calling all the people who are upset with Cantor and likely Brat supporters.

Cantor and Brat signs are close to 50/50% around here.  Brat households typically have one sign but a Cantor supporter is likely to have 4 or 5 signs in one yard.  Cantor ads are all over TV.  There has been a ridiculous saturation of that market with Cantor ads, proclaiming that Brat is a Liberal.  If asked, I will tell anyone that I voted for Brat because of Cantor's ads proclaiming Brat to be more liberal.

If Brat wins today, Cantor will still run in November as a write-in.  What a shame it will be to not have a Democrat on the ballot to win the seat when Cantor and Brat split the Republican vote.

Bottom line, People of the 7th District: Defeat Cantor today by voting for Brat.