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The Kochs, A Nazi Past, Oil & The Foundation of The Right
I am one of those who argue that what we read on-line is not always true. Granted.
However, my posting this dairy is for you to make your own ex-parte determination as to whether what you read here on-line is true. I am not one to deny this to be true based on content of my sources. It is up to you. So in order for you to determine, I ask you to follow me here...and read
I first came upon and learned the names of the Koch Brothers here at Daily Kos. Admittedling, at first, absence of any politics flowing in my veins I took all the hoopla about these men`s money and how it affected elections as being nothing more then left-wing`s usual political attacks. Goddam it. This serves me right for being so naive.  I have learned I was not only naive, but stupidly wrong. What I write here convinces about that.

Reading dark money, dark money this morning at the Huffpost rightwing website [my opinion] which reports the story `sigh`, as carefully as possible not to make waves, I thought I would dig a bit on where the dark money, dark money actually comes from and why it is being used.

I am not shocked at what I found. The secrecy about these men and their quest for world dominance is no more. And if anyone has already written about this. I care not. I write about it again..So should you.

Such secrecy about these men had been so tight, that even the story you are about to read was written by "unknownjournal.wordpress.com. You are about to wak into the darkness of dark money, for real.

Warning: What I write here is but a fly-by-night job. It is only my lure to guide you to the place where you can read every thing you ever dreamed to know about the Koch Bros.

Just click the link and enjoy and allow the smoke to scream out of your ears.

Notorious Nazis Ilse Koch, her husband Karl Otto Koch and Erich Koch are the ghost of Koch Industries the U.S. conservative political agenda years ago and seem capable of seizing the government in total through the Tea Party.
                                       Ilse Koch was the Nazi’s specialist
                                       in making objects from human skin  

Information connecting Ilse and Koch Industries is hard to find as we progessives struggle with the once mysterious power of these men. For my part, until now. But a string of fragments,  pieces of information that connects the American and German Kochs and this connection gives us a clear image of the sentiment behind the Tea Party and conservative American politics since the 1950`s.

Where is the connection between the German Koch’s and Fred Koch?

Besides evidence the American Koch was related to Ilse’s family,  Erich Koch  (a high level Nazi official in charge of Prussia)  invites Fred Koch to sell his oil in Nazi Germany when he is banned from doing business in the US.  After the fall of Nazi Germany,  Erich Koch and Fred expand the oil empire to the Soviet Union.  Erich Koch had been in charge of Prussia for Hitler so his ties to the Soviet Union ran deep.  A few years later the Soviets took Fred Koch’s oil and prosecuted Erich for war crimes – Fred Koch returned to the US,  became anti-communist,  and was allowed to do business in the States again.
As has been constantly written here at Kos, we know about the John Birtch Society that was established in the 1950`s in New York. The society was built on Fred Koch’s oil money in the 1950s and can be thought of as the center of neo-conservative politics as well as the Tea Party movement.  The ideologies of each are not the same – but the Tea Party fits into the neo-conservative put for colonial corporate police state as a sort of consumer citizen of the neo-conservative strategy mad as hell at the government and the legacy of liberalism, postmodernism, multiculturalism, taxes….etc.
Ilse and her husband Karl were tried by the SS before the war ended,  accused of corruption.  Her husband Karl Otto Koch was tried and sentenced to death in Nazi Germany.  After the war,  Ilse was arrested in the German American Zone, tried in front of a tribunal and sentenced,  but was quickly pardoned by the American general appointed leader of the zone.
Ilse Koch

Koch married Ilse Köhler with whom he had a son and two daughters.  Köhler later became known as “The *** of Buchenwald.  She was accused of taking souvenirs from the skin of murdered inmates with distinctive tattoos.  She built an indoor sports arena, which cost over 250,000 marks, most of which were taken from the inmates arrested by the Gestapo for embezzlement of SS funds and the murder of certain inmates in an attempt to cover up these crimes.

She was tried for war crimes by an American military tribunal in 1947.  Prosecuting her was future United States Court of Claims Judge Robert L. Kunzig.  She was charged with  ”participating in a criminal plan for aiding,  abetting and participating in the murders at Buchenwald.”  The tribunal found Koch guilty and sentenced her to life imprisonment.
After she had served two years,  General Lucius D. Clay,  the interim military governor of the American Zone in Germany,  pardoned her.  Owing to international condemnation,  however,  Koch was re-arrested in 1949 and tried before a West German court for instigation to murder in 135 cases.  She was sentenced to life imprisonment on January 15, 1951.  She committed suicide by hanging herself at Aichach women’s prison on September 1, 1967

The Koch connections:

Fred C. Koch married Mary Robinson in Kansas City, Missouri in 1932.  They had four sons,  Frederick (b. 1933), Charles  (b. 1935),  David  (b. 1940)  and William  (b. 1940).   His sons are Charles de Ganahl Koch and David H. Koch.

The New York Times on Charles and David:

“Koch Industries began with oil in the 1930s and now also spews an array of industrial products,  from Dixie cups to Lycra,  not unlike DuPont’s portfolio of paint and plastics.  Sometimes the biological DNA persists as well.  The Koch brothers’ father,  Fred,  was among the select group chosen to serve on the Birch Society’s top governing body.  In a recorded 1963 speech that survives in a University of Michigan archive,  he can be heard warning of   “a takeover”  of America in which Communists would  “infiltrate the highest offices of government in the U.S. until the president is a Communist, unknown to the rest of us”.  That rant could be delivered as is at any Tea Party rally today.

Last week the Kochs were shoved unwillingly into the spotlight by the most comprehensive journalistic portrait of them yet,  written by Jane Mayer of The New Yorker.  Her article caused a stir among those in Manhattan’s liberal elite who didn’t know that David Koch,  widely celebrated for his cultural philanthropy,  is not merely another rich conservative Republican but the founder of the Americans for Prosperity Foundation,  which,  as Mayer writes with some understatement,  “has worked closely with the Tea Party since the movement’s inception”.   To New Yorkers who associate the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center with the New York City Ballet, it’s startling to learn that the Texas branch of that foundation’s political arm,  known simply as Americans for Prosperity,  gave its Blogger of the Year Award to an activist who had called President Obama  “cokehead in chief.”

What I found here is breathtaking. When I joined this website I was as green as green can get when it comes to politics. I once felt that politics did not and could not reach me. Yet, each day I find the unexpected, dirty, and criminal actions practiced by politicans that affect not only me, but my family and those who struggle with their own lives.

I can only hope that you take the time -- and if you do have not that now, hey come back later and read the whole story as dicpted by an annonomus writer which I suspect out of fear of repraisal from the right. But I might be wrong though like in many other things politcal.