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Ted Cruz's really sweet health insurance deal
Sen. Ted Cruz had a short exchange with Sen. Dick Durbin at the tail end of his blabathon Wednesday.
“Will the senator from Texas for the record tell us now—and those who watched this debate—whether he is protected and his family’s protected?” Durbin asked Wednesday morning, repeating a question he'd been trying to get Cruz to answer.

“I’m happy to tell you now I am eligible for it and I am not currently covered under it,” Cruz responded, diverting the conversation to an uninsured diabetic woman that Durbin had mentioned earlier.

Then the conversation moved on without Cruz explaining where he got his coverage. Huffington Post's Ryan Grim found out. He's covered on his wife's plan. His wife is a top Wall Street executive, a regional head of a Goldman Sachs division.
According to a 2009 New York Times report, top executive officers and managing directors at the bank participate in a health care program that costs Goldman more than $40,000 in premiums for each particpant’s family annually.
Yep, a regular populist, Cruz is, telling all the people that freedom means not having health insurance from his perch ensconced in a gold-plated safety net.

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