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Liz Cheney posts bond in Wyoming's ongoing Fishgate scandal
Uh-oh, looks like Wyoming won't be taking any of Liz Cheney's guff:
Republican Wyoming Senate candidate Liz Cheney paid a $220 bond Wednesday for making a false statement on an application for a fishing license last year, Jackson Hole News&Guide reported.
Cheney, ersatz foreign policy shouter and officially recognized Daughter of the Apocalypse, had applied and gotten a state fishing license two-plus months after moving to Wyoming in preparation for running for something; the difficulty is that those licenses are only available to residents who have lived in the state a year, as you have to attest to on the nice application form, and Cheney had not. That's apparently where we're going to be drawing the line now, with the Cheney clan; you can drum up support for a badly premised war, you can violate international prohibitions on on the torture of prisoners, and you can shoot a guy in the face because you confused him with a six-inch bird, but you do not lie on a fishing application. You monster.

Frankly, I consider Cheney a flight risk. I'm not sure Wyoming should have released her on bond, given that she already seems to spend as little time in Wyoming as possible, but I suppose if they really wanted to find her they could just set up a TV camera somewhere in Jackson Hole and she'd turn up lickety-split. In any event, this newfound discovery that American laws even apply to the Cheney family does not bode well for her primary bid against Mike Enzi, who is a nice rancid fellow in his own right but who catches fish the proper Republican way; with a rowboat, a cooler of beer, and dynamite.