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Radio Host Would Tell Newtown Families to 'Go to Hell'

Davis and Emmer, 4/12, 7 am

You know, it's become a joke, a very bad one. How low can the rhetoric of these babbling assholes go? Well, Bob Davis of Twin Cities News Talk 1130 AM just set the bar that much lower. I have no words to introduce this. I can only imagine my reaction if I heard this sliming through my radio while on my way to work.

I have something I want to say to the victims of Newtown or any other shooting, I don't care if it's here in Minneapolis or any place else. Just because a bad thing happened to you doesn't mean that you get to put a king in charge of my life. I'm sorry that you suffered a tragedy, but you know what? Deal with it, and don't force me to lose my liberty, which is a greater tragedy than your loss. I'm sick and tired of seeing these victims trotted out, given rides on Air Force One, hauled into the Senate well, and everyone is ... terrified of these victims. I would stand in front of them and tell them, "Go to hell."

I don't know who these cockknockers are (I'm assuming that Emmer thinks Davis is just peachy-fine), and since I don't live anywhere near Minneapolis, I don't listen to the fever swamp of bullshit emanating from this radio station. The lineup is predictable and bull-moose crazy -- Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, and the redoubtable Alex Jones among others.

And you don't need me to go off on a rant about how incredibly hateful Bob Davis's little tirade is. He puts his "right" to own military-grade weapons ahead of the lives of those children -- and your children, and mine, and presumably his own, if the little greaser blighted this world by spreading his DNA -- and then tells the families to be quiet about their tragedy and don't bug him about it. He mocks them, accuses them implicitly of taking advantage of their tragedy by hooking "rides on Air Force One," and says he would tell them to "go to hell."

Words fail me.

Here's the contact page for Twin Cities News Talk 1130AM.

This is the jerks' homepage on the radio station Web site.

This is the home page of Twin Cities News Talk 1130AM.

Surprise, surprise, they're another Clear Channel station, so I don't know what kind of effect raising hell with Clear Channel will have. The relatively few advertisers on the page tell me they aren't getting a lot of local advertising love, but it's not hard to target the local business supporters and raise hell with them.

A decent media outlet, no matter what its political preference, would can this asshole immediately. Given where this crowd seems to be, I'd say Bob Davis has a promotion in his near future.

6:52 PM PT: Thanks for the updates and the Rec, everyone. We stand together against hate.

The best (legal) way to deal with this hateful son of a bitch?

  • Mount a campaign to kick his ass off the air, starting with the advertisers. 94%
  • Write a sternly written letter to the station management. 1%
  • Ignore it, for it will all surely go away if you do. 3%
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