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Actually read the documents released by the FBI about OWS

Two rec list diaries are posted that discuss the newly released files on the FBI surveillance of OWS.  I would highly recommend that people actually read the files:

Which can be found here:  http://www.justiceonline.org/...

My take on the report is not the same as what is being pushed in the other two diaries.

The documents appear to be a series of FBI field reports.  

The first report is a warning to local law officials that a large scale protest is being plan.

The second report is about activity in Anchorage.  A lot of is blanked out.  It looks like names of agents are blanked out but there is a point about someone on the Internet discussing shooting a police officer.

The third report is from Alabama.  It discusses coordinating with the HAZMAT teams.

The fourth report is from North Carolina.  Most of it's blanked out.

The fifth report is from Colorado.  It's a meeting with the states Banking Fraud group.  They are concerned about reports of proposed hacking by people on the Internet.

The six report is from Mississippi.  It is completely blanked out.

The seventh report is from the Domestic Security Alliance Council.  It is a document discussing the shutting of ports in Oakland and other areas.  It makes recommendations but states that the security is up to local law enforcements.

The eight report discusses meeting with the New York Stock Exchange.  OWS is identified as an "Anarchist" movement and the concern seems to be about past incidents with "Anarchist"

The ninth report states that the Museum of Finance and Federal Hall had been told they may be targeted by OWS.

The tenth report is the FBI informing the security team at Zionist Bank in Utah of hacking incidents done by the group Anonymous.  CEO's for GS and JP Morgan had been "doxed" by a member of Anonymous.

The eleventh report is a recounting of the Port in Oakland being shut down.  Two points of interest:  Shutting down Long Beach would have had a bigger effect.  The report highlights that it was a mainly peaceful protest with trouble coming from a small group of individuals from Black Boc.

The twelveth report is from Albany.  It describes a college campus protest.  Discusses that it's peaceful and has both students and college professors alike.  An anti abortion group tries to hijack the protest and the report states that they were not following the rules laid out by the campus.

The thirteenth report is from the Port Facility Security Officer from the Anchorage Port.  He is reporting to the FBI what he learned when he attended an OWS meeting regarding the shutdown of his port.

The fourteenth report is from Boston.  It is discussing the investigation of a chemical bomb being thrown by some loser at the OWS protesters.

The fifteenth report is from NC investigating white powder found in an OWS mailing.

The sixteenth report is the "sniper report".  My reading of it is that the FBI was investigating some individual threatening to shoot leaders of the OWS.  NOT the FBI or local law enforcement.  It also discusses the pepper spraying of the protesters.  

The seventeenth report is from Mississippi.  A bunch of banks meet to discuss OWS chaining their doors shut.  They also discuss other financial fraud issues that have nothing to do with OWS.

The eighteenth report is a compliant made by someone in the Dayton Beach OWS group against a website protesting the protest  The report notes the group is peaceful and the FBI sees no violations of Federal law.

The nineteenth report is from Jacksonville.  It discusses one lone individual that is making sniper threats and that they should inform members of the local OWS group that they are being exploited by that individual.

The twentith report is also from Jacksonville.  It is letting The Oaks Mall know that a protest is heading their way.

The twenty-first report is a discussion about crime rates on public transit in LA.  It states that a recent protest on the Blue Line by OWS was peaceful but they are concerned that violent criminals would hijack these events for their own purposes.

The twenty-second report is a review of a threatening fax someone sent to the Nashville Goverment Office.  It's upset about the police treatment of protesters.  The local enforcement decided not to prosecute as the threatee was an out of stater.

The twenty-third report briefly mentions OWS.  More concerned about a guy who wants to make a home bomb in his kitchen...He has nothing to do with OWS.

The twenty-fourth report discusses Miami police assisting in the OWS Mami protest.

The twenty-fifth is a report about a disgruntled member of the OWS Iowa group who is pissed off that she isn't part of all the meetings...(I'm serious...read the report)

The twenty-six report is acting on information from the disgruntled member about possible violence at the Iowa Caucus.

The twenty-seventh report is about some dumbass who threatens to gas attack the Des Monies Airport and sends white powder...later identified as prescription medicine in the letter.  He seemed to be arrested.

The twenty-eighth report is about OWS Virginia.  Discussed protests and aim and concerns of the protest.

The twenty-ninth is about Anonymous and cyber attacks.  Also discuss the Richmond protest and notes that they are peaceful protests.  It does discuss the incident on the Brooklyn Bridge.

The thirtieth report is informing the Port of Stockton about the protests in Oakland.

The thirty-first report is from Tampa reviewing all the current protest going on...both OWS and non-OWS.

The thirty-second report is discussing a visit from Eric Holder to Tampa.  OWS plans to have a protest the same day and the report assesses the threat to Holder as low.

The thirty-three report is discussing Secret Service responding to someone throwing a flare on the WH lawn.

This is my take on these files.  Please read the document and I would love to hear differing opinions.

Mon Dec 31, 2012 at 6:29 AM PT: UPDATE:  I want to clarify that I am not trying to "apologize" for the FBI or stop the conversation.  I want exactly the opposite effect.  I want people to ACTUALLY read the documents and draw their own conclusions.

I have no issues with people posting rebuttals but do it from the SOURCE MATERIAL.  Quote it and get the discussion going.