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#Zimmerman Edits out "F'cking Coon" from 911 Tape He Filed with Court in lawsuit against NBC

      George Zimmerman filed a lawsuit against NBC claiming that NBC made him (George) look racist in a edited 911 tape they aired.

      The thing is, when George Zimmerman filed his Complaint with the Court, he, Zimmerman, edited out the portion of the 911 tape that George makes himself look racist when he said, "F'cking Coons." (listen to Time Stamp 2:22)

       Also, at Time Stamp 3:20, on the tape you can hear George knocking or taping on a door and if you listen closely you can hear George say: "Keep an eye on my truck."  Who did George say that to, and why did he edit those words out of the Transcript he filed with the Court?

       Try to wrap your head around that one.  

       Zimmerman files a lawsuit with the Court claiming he has suffered damages of "emotional distress" from an edited 911 tape that he claims made him him look racist -- but at the same time -- Zimmerman gives the Court his own edited version of same 911 tape by cutting out his own comment: "F'cking Coons"

 ... wow! ... Just wow!

This is a video of the 911 tape with both audio and written transcript.  At Time Stamp 2:22 George Zimmerman says, "F'cking Coons"

(Hat tip of tape to: NewsChannelOfAmerica)

        NBC's edited tape did not make Zimmerman look racist. George Zimmerman made himself look racist when he said, "f'cking coons' on the 911 tape.  How ironic, Zimmerman is suing NBC for editing the 911 Tape then George files the 911 tape he edited ... hmmm ...

       In George Zimmerman's Complaint to the Court, he says NBC caused him "emotional distress" ... I would think Zimmerman would, and should, have "emotional distress" because he killed an unarmed teenager, Trayvon Martin.

Comparing the completely unedited 911 Tape to Zimmerman's edited version.

      Transcript Unedited 911 Tape of George Zimmerman saying "F'cking Coon"

911 dispatcher: We’ve got them on the way. Just let me know if this guy does anything else.

Zimmerman: OK. These assholes, they always get away.

When you come to the clubhouse, you come straight in and you go left. Actually, you would go past the clubhouse.

911 dispatcher: OK, so it’s on the left hand side of the clubhouse?

Zimmerman: Yeah. You go in straight through the entrance and then you would go left. You go straight in, don’t turn and make a left. He’s running.

911 dispatcher: He’s running? Which way is he running?

Zimmerman: Down toward the other entrance of the neighborhood.

911 dispatcher: OK, which entrance is that he’s headed towards?

Zimmerman: The back entrance.  ‘F-ing coons’

911 dispatcher: are you following him?

     This is the screenshot of the PDF lawsuit (Complaint) Zimmerman filed with the Court against NBC.

     As for Zimmerman suing NBC for editing a 911 Tape, someone should remind his lawyers that in 2003 a Florida Court ruled that Fox was legally allowed to lie to and deceive their viewers.  

     Here's a summary of the Florida Court Ruling allowing Fox to lie to their viewers.

1) February 2003, a Florida Court of Appeals unanimously agreed with an assertion by Fox that there is no rule against distorting or falsifying the news in the United States.

2) Lawyers for Fox told the Court it was their first amendment right to report false information.

3) In a six-page written decision, the Florida Court decided the FCC’s position against news Distortion is only a “policy,” not a “law, rule, or regulation.”

    Since the Florida Court ruled that news Distortion is only a “policy,” not a “law, rule, or regulation” Fox News was allowed to use their first amendment right to report false information.

    By the way, and for the record, I trust my own ears. At Time Stamp 2:22 I clearly hear Zimmerman say, "F'cking Coons."  But, I am also well aware that Zimmerman claims he did not say, "F'cking Coons."

    But, assuming Zimmerman said something other than, "F'cking Coon" - why did his Complaint edit out whatever it is he claims to have said at 2:22? hmmm....

     And who did George ask to "Keep an eye on my truck" at stamp 3:20?

     eh, like I said, I believe my own ears ... anyone reading or listen to the tape is can make their own mind up.

     I think it is so ironic that Zimmerman files a lawsuit saying NBC edited a 911 tape to intentionally make Zimmerman seem racist and then .... Zimmerman files the 911 Transcript editing out the words he said that do make him look racist, "F'cking Coon."