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EBT System Down in PDX Today

I am now unsure how widespread the outage of the EBT system was/is today.   Someone in D.C. got a recorded message that the system was down when she called, so sounds like it is more than just Oregon affected.  I think like some of the cyber attacks, the extent of outage won't be known for sure until it is over.

I have learned there is a manual system stores can use so if anyone needs groceries tonight, you might try a supermarket type grocery store where they are most likely to know how to use that manual method.
I just returned from the grocery store. Their EBT system is down.  EBT is how SNAP (food stamp) benefits are used at the store to buy food.  I talked to the cashier as I was paying. The system has been down all day, and the outage is nationwide.

This is the first weekend of the month, when a lot of people do a large grocery shopping.  For those using SNAP benefits, the first trip to the grocery store at the beginning of the month is a very important one and the biggest shopping they will do all month.

I searched but was unable to find any news regarding this outage on the web.  I was beyond surprised.  This is a very big deal to a a lot of people, all over the USA.

 If anyone has seen news about this and is able to provide a link, I will welcome it.


This is my first diary.  I'll try to answer some things brought up in the comment section.

The grocery store is a large one in Portland, OR.  It is a chain, employee owned I think, with only a couple of stores in Portland, but they have stores in several west coast states and in other OR towns. They know what they are doing.

 I have still not been able to find a link to post, but that isn't surprising for a Sunday evening when news desks are lightly staffed.

My bank debit card worked fine when I paid for my groceries.