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NY State Sen. Jeff Klein (Bronx-D or R, whatever is most politically expedient)
When is a Democrat a Republican? New York turncoat Jeff Klein demonstrates
Goal ThermometerWhen is a Democrat a Republican? First clue is when you keep Republicans in charge of a legislative chamber.

Despite a heavy Republican gerrymander, aided, abetted and literally signed by supposed Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, New York voters elected a Democratic majority in 2012. However, a group of right-wing Democrats (aided and abetted by Cuomo, again) split off from the Democratic caucus and kept Republicans in the majority.

Among those turncoat Democrats was Jeff Klein.

Stunningly, Klein claimed that he was "not empowering a Republican majority," even though he'd done exactly that. He further insisted that his buddies in the GOP were "committed to seeing major pieces of progressive legislation pass the Senate."
In reality, Klein's Senate has stymied meaningful campaign reform, a state DREAM Act, a moratorium on fracking, the Women's Equality Act and paid family leave. He's like a Bond Villain. On the other hand, he has gone to the mat to fight for cigarette wholesalers, payday lenders, and efforts to gut the state's health insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act. Bond villain, Republican, same thing.

But there's another way a Democrat is just like a Republican, and that's when he literally runs as a Republican. Here is the relevant part of the ballot Bronx voters got in 2012:

November 2012 Bronx election ballot showing Jeff Klein on Republican Party ballot line
(Click on image to see larger, you can see the full ballot here.)

Kim Jong-un would be impressed. And how many real Democrats would want their name associated with the Republican Party in any way, including a ballot line?

Luckily, we are engaged in the race on behalf of Oliver Koppell. Over 1,300 of us have already raised $21,000 for Koppell. We need more people to join us in getting rid of this cancer inside our party. What are you waiting for?