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Mr. President since you put SS there...I am going there.. On the backs of vet benefits ?
You are putting social security on the table.  Since you put it there, let's talk.  Please
bring the Secretary of the VA into this conversation because many don't get this and maybe there will be some good come about.   Let's talk Champ VA and enrollment into Medicare at age 65 for dependents of total and permanent disabled veterans !   This benefit is not an entitlement.  This benefit was earned from blood, loss of income, loss of limbs by serving this country.
This benefit helps the veteran take care of the family and especially for those suffering from PTSD, who feel they cannot provide medical treatment by employment for their loved ones.

The republicans and other greedy chickenhawks that did not serve in combat or the military like GEORGE W BUSH  did put into place a little rule of 2001 regarding Champ VA and Social Security and we need to discuss this.  This is money not being disclosed to the public FOR Social Security and Since you are putting changes on the table, let's discuss this.

When a veteran is deemed to be permanent and total disabled from service connected injuries, they are entitled as part of their benefits and injury to a government medical program for dependents called Champ VA.   The program covers dependents such as children under 18 and spouses.   It is a 50.00 per person or 100.00 deductible per family  per year with 70 percent of medical costs paid along with prescriptions from Colorado mailed to the home free of charge or 70 percent paid at the drug store.  This happens after the deductible of 50 or 100 is made in January each year.

This VA benefit stops for the dependent who turns 65 years of age as of 2001 and requires the dependent to enroll in Medicare A & B.   This will cost the Veteran's dependent 104.00 (at least) a month for the same coverage or less, because if they don't get that VA benefit then they must buy along with part B, prescription coverage as well.  This is a Veteran benefit available that ends when the spouse or dependent turns  65 and MUST apply for social security part B.   Has that money been brought into the
scheme of social security budgets?  How many dependents of total and permanent veterans are paying 104.00 into Medicare to get the same coverage that did not cost anything prior to turning 65?  Millions?    The dependent who is aging must reapply for Champ VA to be a secondary payee because they got older.   1000 plus per year is now going into the social security fund that was not there prior to the Happy Birthday wishes.   The Veteran earned that benefit for his family and most of the time, that one that depends on the Champ VA Medical coverage is the caretaker.   This will bring me to another problem I have.  

 The Post 9-11 caretakers to disabled veterans receive a huge amount of caretaking benefit whereas a pre 9-11 disabled veteran does not.  The benefits are greater for the Iraq and Afghanistan vet and although it is not begrudged by the other war veterans , it simply is not  fair.  The older veterans from older wars are aging and their spouse are as well.  There is a huge gap between veteran benefits of pre 9-11 vets and post 9-11 vet benefits.   This needs to be addressed.  

The need to address the Social security monies getting paid into the system from every spouse or dependent ( which normally is a caretaker) is another issue that needs some figures outlined to show the American people that Social Security is taking in money off the benefits of the disabled Veteran, every single day.  

You brought up the social security and chained CPI deal, now let's talk about how many disabled veterans wives and husbands or family members are every day starting to add 104.00 per month into Social Security.  How much money does that come up to ?
How can you justify an aging caretaker paying for the same or less that was a benefit until they turned 65?

Let's talk about that which has as far as I know not been discussed at the Grand Bargain.  

George W Bush policies did nothing but hurt veterans.  The chickenhawks and those who refused to serve have taken so very much away from this country.  Why are you allowing these policies to continue?

It is my desire that VFW, PVA, Vietnam Veterans of American and every other National Veterans Organizations start asking these questions and lobbying for the aging vet.

What say you Mr. President?  Can this subject be brought up on the grand bargain scheme of things?  Do the math.  Social Security is not going broke.  They are getting more money and nobody is talking about it being on the backs of disabled veteran benefits. ( The older ones).  The younger ones are on backlog.